House of Fun Vs Heart Of Vegas

House of Fun vs Heart of Vegas is a must-read piece for you if you have ever been interested in slot games. This didactic fragment includes the fountains of knowledge related to House of Fun and Heart of Vegas and is meant to teach you the similarities and differences between these two games. People inquire about the best slot games, keeping their demands in consideration, and this is what has urged me to research well and present you House of Fun Vs Heart of Vegas.

House of Fun and Heart of Vegas runs almost on the same pattern. A few differences in their strategies along with their distinctive prominent identities set them apart. Well, to cut the discussion short, this article is a detailed description of your query, ‘House of Fun Vs Heart of Vegas.’

House of Fun:

House of Fun offers a wide range of slot machines with various unique and creative themes. The graphics and storylines are made so colourful and engaging that every slot machine feels like a new adventure. This vast variety makes the gameplay interesting and appealing to those who enjoy exploring different worlds.

Most of the slot machines in House of Fun have five reels with varying playlines. The game offers customization by allowing players to adjust their bet size by choosing a coin value and the number of coins per line, keeping in view their budget. Thus, the game becomes accessible to all players.

House of Fun possesses a variety of special symbols that cause substitution, bonuses and extra games that help to enhance the gameplay experience. Wild symbols help to create winning combos. Scatter symbols cause free spins and bonus games. These symbols initiate bonus rounds and mini-games, providing additional chances to win.

Moreover, players can earn extra coins and special rewards through offered daily and hourly bonuses to keep playing without spending real money. By playing slots players can earn experience points which aids them to level up and unlock many new features that are an addition to fun and excitement.

House of Fun is a highly social game allowing players to connect with friends and other players. The game hosts team-based challenges and cooperative events adding aspects of fun and community development.

Heart of Vegas:

Heart of Vegas focuses on providing a real slot machine experience. Most of the slot machines are based on actual Aristocrat slot machines with various classic and traditional themes. The game must be preferable to those who want to replace the authentic casino atmosphere with other familiar games.

Game features slot machines having a five-reel structure and multiple playlines mechanism, nearly copying the set-up of real slot machine games. Betting options are also chosen by the players. Heart of Vegas also offers symbols that unlock free spins and other bonus rounds. These bonus features in the game got inspiration from other real slot games like pick-and-win games and bonus wheels.

Heart of Vegas has a similar mechanism of experience points where players level-up to unlock new slot machines and get more advantages.The game provides socializing features though it mainly focuses on solo playing but you can still connect with friends. For those who prefer playing alone with occasional interactions, Heart of Vegas would be a better choice for them.

The game hosts tournaments adding competitive elements to the gameplay allowing players to compete for prizes and delivers a sense of achievement with progress. The bonuses offered often feel more authentic just like the bonuses offered in House of Fun where players can earn free coins and rewards through daily bonuses and special events ensuring continuous playing without consuming real money. 

House of Fun Vs Heart Of Vegas

The following comparison contains the similarities and differences between these two games. We will be including their features and game mechanics to assure you of the minute details of the subject under discussion.


The game operations:

When we talk about the slot machines, they are almost identical in these games. In addition to this the strategy of giving free spins, the paylines, the wheels and the symbols associated with the features all are similar. It is the players who make a difference in the game by implementing different strategies. To learn the game mechanics, everything else related to these games and to redeem free bonuses. click the links given below:

House of fun free coins

Heart of Vegas free coins

The coinage:

The coinage is called virtual currency as it is limited to the game premises. You can earn this currency by various means.

  • Daily login bonuses are an identification of the slot games. These games offer the same. The amount of bonus may vary depending upon the circumstances and your regular presence as well.
  •  Both games serve you with the free coins by taking part in the events, completing daily quests and other such accomplishments.

Community engagement:

In House of Fun the players experience wide exposure. They communicate with the other players, compete with them and thus their spectrum of comprehension increases. This helps them learn new techniques of wise and responsible gaming. Heart of Vegas also offers this type of community engagement.


Following are a few differences between House of Fun and Heart of Vegas:

FeaturesHouse of FunHeart of Vegas
DeveloperPLAYTIKAProduct Madness
ThemeA possessed house themeRevolves around Las Vegas
GraphicsAdventurous and horror graphicsTraditional casino graphics
Social interactionMoreLess


House of Fun Vs Heart of Vegas was a hard nut to crack as soon as the prestige and the publicity of both games were concerned. But we have discussed the games covering all their aspects. These games are harmless but obviously it’s the use which decides the positive or the negative effect of a certain thing.

If you are an extrovert then House of Fun is a game for you and in case you are an introvert then choose Heart of Vegas. I recommend you to give both these games a chance and then you will be able to decide which game to play in future keeping your perspective dominant.