my KONAMI Slots free chips

What stops you from becoming the king of the hill in my KONAMI? It’s beyond doubt that free chips are an integral component to stay in competition. That is why we are here to provide you my Konami slots free chips. Don’t stay barren when there are numerous ways to get a hold on them.

Visiting our site is the ideal approach, as here you will get the links of free chips and coins for PC, android and iOS. Besides this, we will stay you updated about other ways to receive my KONAMI Slots free chips, Coin Master free spins, myVegas free chips and Lotsa Slots free coins.

Tips to get my KONAMI Slots free chips

Must try the thrills of my KONAMI using the given strategies. Grab all the opportunities described below to earn a heavy amount of freebies.

Grasp the daily present:

Never miss the daily presents, as they are the coin generators offered by the game. You are allowed to get tokens for the Mega Lucky Cat Machine. The latter game is a prime source of winning my KONAMI Slots free chips.

Promote your reference:

When people enter the game using your referral codes, you get a chance to win rewards from the game. Start socializing around the corner and ask your friends to join the game through your reference. Make pen pals to expand your circle of friends or join a community. You get one free chip for every new addition through your reference.

Complete the album:

Completing the album is a golden trail to follow. You get various rewards when you complete an album, including my KONAMI Slots free chips. The magnitude of prizes increases as you progress the game.

Use the promo codes:

The game gives you promo codes for collecting the spins, chips and other gifts. Redeem codes to add currency to your account. These mobile codes are available on my KONAMI’s official fan pages. Make sure to subscribe to all the official game platforms.


Upgrade yourself through the continuous progression. This will happen only when you play the game consecutively. You level up the game, and for being a credible member, you get the rewards.

Claim the time bonus:

If you want to have a money bag in the game, then this offer is for you. Claim the time bonus. You can take advantage of this package after every two hours.

Become a regular contestant:

Try to attend the contests and the tournaments of the game regularly. Unlimited rewards are only possible by means of tournaments. Don’t you want to become a deep pocket? The game conducts the tournaments off and on. So check for the upcoming tournaments and register yourself.

In-game shopping:

Shopping and getting rewards for that shopping; does it make sense? Well, on the premises of my KONAMI, it definitely makes sense. So, go for the in-app purchases, and it will get you something special in the form of virtual currency, including coins, chips and spins. Elevate your experience through this strategy.

Players get-together:

Player get-togethers are the events planned by the game. They are the meet and greet sessions where you get a chance to interact with the other game players. The heads of the game distribute the rewards among the players either during the event or after that as an award of appreciation for being there.

Spin the wheel:

Spinning the daily wheel brings chip codes for receiving free chips. It is the most enormous gem-collecting opportunity. Spin the wheel and turn your boring experience into a silver lining. The game doesn’t demand any effort to reward you.

Keep an eye on email inbox:

Let the email bring you an influx of free chips and coins. Promotional mails from the developers carry the rewards with them. So, check your email inbox daily to claim those gifts. You are given the links. Redeem the links and get benefits.

Watch the commercials:

Watching commercials is a well-known strategy for receiving my KONAMI free chips. Watch the maximum number of ads to earn free chips, which will later prove very significant in progressing the game. It is a dull but still productive approach to attain free chips.

Encounter the in-game targets:

Do not hesitate to complete the challenges that pop up in the game. Hitting the targets provides you with gifts.

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The tiny gifts collected by the above-mentioned strategies, when added to your account, can make you currency-rich. So, pay attention to even the modest in order to serve yourself with the best slot game experience. 

My KONAMI is an amusing game to try, and some of the drawbacks, like one of the free chips, can be sought out by using the given tricks. Check our website to collect the links.

You will get fresh links daily, so don’t worry about expired ones anymore.