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Aren’t we all in need of doing something extraordinary that makes us stand out of the box, even on the amusement platforms? Slotomania free coins lie in the parallel plane. The coin shortage problem in Slotomania needs to be addressed; as a fan, it is no less than chaos to give up just because you end up with coins.

Availability of Slotomania free coins is a sigh of relief for the fans. I will provide you and inform you of all the credible ways to get Slotomania free coins . Join me for a few minutes to put a full stop to your Slotomania free coins search.

Tips and Ticks for getting Slotomania Free Coins

Beware of scams that make you fool in the name of freebies, and let me teach you the authentic means of getting free coins and whatever you want; the article will be equally valuable.

  • Daily bonuses and rewards
  • Time bonus
  • Inviting friends
  • Facebook interaction and joining groups
  • Hourly bonuses
  • Notifications
  • Store bonus
  • Lucy’s gift
  • Following Instagram
  • Email
  • Special bonus
  • Special promotions
  • Slotomania’s loyalty program
  • Leveling up
  • Challenges and tournaments

Daily bonuses and rewards:

Daily bonuses and rewards refer to popping in the game daily. The more back-to-back days you visit, the higher the reward you get. The reward includes Slotomania free coins, chips, spins, etc. Daily bonuses are also awarded by completing daily challenges.

Time bonus:

The game offers a time bonus depending on your activity. The longer you play the game, the larger the reward you get. The time bonus makes you currency rich by providing you unlimited freebies.

Inviting friends:

Inviting friends gets you a referral bonus as a gesture of appreciation for promoting the game. Sloto friends is a window to a mega bonus that gives you broad exposure to unending entertainment and social interaction as well.

Facebook interaction and joining groups:

Facebook fan pages are available for the game, allowing you to collect promo codes and coin links to get a chance at free coins and other gifts.

Joining groups is a plus point that leads you to exclusive social interaction and opens up the chances of getting freebies by various means, such as inviting friends. Also, you stay updated about the game.

Hourly bonuses:

Slotomania is a remarkable casino that offers hourly prizes. It is a strategy implemented by the game to boost the player’s confidence and engage him by increasing his coin balance. It is a must-love present in the game, holding the player’s attention.


App notifications are a source of having access to the desired free currency. The official app gives you the links to get free coins, but there are limitations to them. You can follow the app on Facebook and you can collect 5 million coins with minor tips.

Store bonus:

Visiting coin stores regularly permits you to get free as well as paid coins. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways of receiving free coins and chips. Also, it is a quick process leading you to a satisfactory delight as it adds currency to your account, making you stable.

Lucy’s gift:

Lucy is a Slotomania character, and the game offers a reward in the name of Lucy’s gift. These gifts can be achieved by performing specific tasks. The gift is a whole package awarding you freebies.

Following Instagram:

The official Instagram page of the game keeps you aware of the amendments in the rules and updates you for the latest news. It also tells you about the new arrivals and all the packages offering freebies slotolinks.

You should follow them to be used as a gems collector.


Promotional emails are a well-known strategy for gems collection. It not only keeps you in touch with the game but also helps you collect unlimited coins. The developers send promotional emails to the players of the game, and by subscribing to the emails, you get access to free coins and other gifts.

Special bonus:

When you join the game, you get 1 million coins as a special bonus. You are able to get such a special bonus every four hours. The game may provide you with this special bonus through bonus codes. 

Some other special bonuses are offered by the game on special occasions, primarily at festivals. For instance, there are special Christmas deals for the users.

Special promotions:

Special promotions set the basis for the game’s publicity. These special promotions often carry gift hampers among them in the form of freebies.

Social bonuses are included in the special promotions. VIP membership holders get special promotions of Slotomania and get free coins.

Slotomania’s loyalty program:

Slotomania’s loyalty program is a valuable addition to the game. It comes by the name of “Playtika Rewards.” 

The game praises its players for being loyal and active in the game by awarding them with numerous gifts, including free coins. This is a convincing point of the game, as games usually do not certify their users for their loyalty. Getting 1 billion coins is not a big deal for loyal members.

Leveling Up:

Proceeding in the game will ascend your level. As the level increases, Slotomania rewards you with free coins and chips for being a part of the game.

Leveling up requires completing the targets given by the game. Meeting such targets helps you proceed faster and ultimately accesses you to the free coins.

Challenges and tournaments:

Slotomania welcomes its users in various challenges and tournaments. The developers host these events to promote the players’ interest. You can even get 250 spins by succeeding in the tournament.

Such events put you in a competition with other contestants and award the winners for their performance. The magnitude of the prize may vary depending on the ranks of the players. The performances are displayed through a leaderboard.

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