Bingo Blitz Free Credits

Playing Bingo Blitz and running out of credits is a common issue we all face while playing the game. I guess you are playing bingo, too, and running low on credits. We cannot blame the players because the game is so addictive that we play it often and consume all our credits and we want more Bingo Blitz free Credits.

I have been collecting free bingo blitz credits for quite some time from many social media sites, fan pages, chats, email lists and newsletters. I feel like it is very frustrating to visit every other freebie website and collect resources. I have made this dedicated page to provide you Bingo Blitz free credits, Power-ups and other freebies.

Bookmark this page and visit often to get Bingo Blitz 100 free credits. All the links are tested before posting. In case any link is not working, try another link, or you may have already redeemed that reward from somewhere else.

What is Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is an online card and board game. There are different cities, and you can play in any city. There are 5 rows of cards and different numbers in each row. The players have to match the numbers and make a pattern to create a bingo. It can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or around four corners.

Credits are the main currency of the game. This is one of the most popular games developed by Playtika. It crossed one million active players in a single day. If you are looking for other games offered by Playtika, you can check WSOP, House of Fun and Solitaire Grand Harvest.

How to Collect Bingo Blitz Free Credits?

Collecting Bingo Blitz free credits has never been easier before than now. Make sure you have a working internet connection. Click on the link. Wait till the game is loaded, and a pop-up opens, and you will get an option to collect rewards. Click on Collect Rewards. That’s it.


This is the most convenient and easiest way to collect free coins, credits and chips. What you have to do is click on the link and wait till your reward is redeemed. Isn’t it that simple that it saves the hassle of visiting every other website and platform to collect links? You can collect all of them here on this page, and it’s free.

Sign Up Bonus

When you first log in and sign up for the game to play for the first time then, you are awarded bonus credits and coins. Sign up and enjoy free Bingo Blitz Credits.

Daily Fortune

Daily fortune is a daily login bonus. If you play the game daily and show consistency, your daily free allowance increases, and you get more free coins, gems, credits and power-ups.

Facebook Login Bonus

If you log in to the game using a Facebook account or link your profile to Facebook, then you get 50 free credits and coins.

Room Bonus

You get This bonus when you complete a room and play the game. Room completion gets you Bingo Blitz 100 free credits.

Map Completion Bonus

You are awarded free bonuses when you travel in the game to different cities and complete a map. There are different maps available in the game. You can play any map and travel to any city on the map to play the game.


Quests are small objectives which are given in the game. When you complete these small tasks, you get your reward and an XP boost in the game.

Invitation Bonus

When you invite your friends, they join the game using your invitation link. You get free points and bonuses.

Gift Sharing Bonus

Sending gifts and credits to your friends shows game spirit. When you send gifts, you get points, and you can also get gifts and credits from your friends whenever you need them.

Mini Games Bonus

There are different mini-games available in the right corner of the game. When you play these games, you get a free bonus.

Spin Wheel Rewards

A spin wheel is available daily when you log in to the game. Spin the wheel and pray for your luck to get a bigger prize.

Bingo Blitz Plus

It is a paid subscription. But there is good news. A 30-day free trial is available. When you sign up, you get 300 free credits and many gifts. It is up to you to retain this plus subscription or cancel it anytime because the first 30 days are free.

Dice Game

If you get completely out of credits, There is a dice game in the bottom right corner. If you play the game, you get free credits and XP.

Card Boosters

Different card boosters are available that give you an xp boost in the game, and you get free credits. Mega unlocks at level 50, Legendary at level 80, and superior at level 120.

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In this article, I have covered how to get Bingo Blitz free credits by simply clicking the link. Other freebies like chips, coins, promo codes, gems and power-ups are also posted. This page is specially created for bingo blitz lovers to give them a pleasing experience of collecting all the gifts on this single page. Keep playing, and do not forget to visit this page to get your free rewards. Bingo!