Wizard of Oz free coins

Wizard of Oz is a must-play game if you love playing online casinos. But it is very problematic when you need credits, and you are left with nothing, or have only limited coins in your vault. But you need not to worry as I, by myself, have coped with the situation and now I am here with the solution.

Wizard of Oz free coins are not an adversity; they simply need some strategies to be applied. The game offers you several chances to earn free credits. So why not avail yourself of them to put yourself out of the coin shortage dilemma?

Tactics to earn Wizard of Oz free coins

You no longer need to get fatigued for Wizard of Oz free coins once you are on this page. You will be given the best solutions in this regard. Scroll down the list to revive your currency bags.

  • Promo codes
  • Daily bonus
  • Joining online communities
  • Attending surveys
  • Enchanted vaults
  • Watching Ads
  • Levelling up
  • Trail of Wonder
  • Completing quests
  • Facebook interaction
  • Lights, camera, jackpots
  • Inviting friends
  • Virtual events
  • Mystic window machine
  • Subscribing social media platforms of the game
  • Festivals and holidays
  • Scratchers

Promo codes:

Wizard of Oz free coins can be attained through the official promotional codes that the game offers frequently for its players. These codes are boosters for the players and are very effective in keeping the players interested.

Daily bonus:

You can get daily rewards by entering the game daily. Pop in the game and collect your bonus for amplifying the experience through a better performance.

Joining online communities:

Wizard of Oz is a fully spread social network that comprises online communities. Be a part of such an online community to get more chances of taking bonuses and rewards, as being active there keeps you more updated about the game’s strategies.

Attending surveys:

Attending surveys and giving feedback is a tremendous source of enjoying Wizard of oz free coins. It is a solo sitting activity that has long-lasting effects, as the bonus may be valid for up to a few hours or even a few days, depending on the conditions.

Keep an eye on such deals at the game’s official page. Also, stay careful in giving personal information to an unauthentic site.

Enchanted vaults:

Enchanted vaults are the chests in Wizard of Oz that bring you a fortune in the form of free coins, chips and spins. You should have a certain number of keys to unlock this exciting feature, and then you can take advantage of unlimited coins.

Watching Ads:

You can open a window of exciting features, including massive coins, slot coins, and credit generators, by watching advertisements. It can provide you with slots promo codes and, ultimately, slots credits leading you to an unending world of excitement and thrill.

Levelling up:

Levelling up the game is an opportunity to take advantage of credits for slots. When you level up, the game identifies you as a loyal member and awards unlimited coins for slots. You can use the slot code for personal benefits.

Trail of Wonder:

In Wizard of Oz, “Trail of Wonder” is a part of a magic match game. It consists of a series of levels which are more complex than the original levels. In order to progress on the trail, you are required to cross the levels. When you finish up, you are awarded with massive coin slots.

Completing quests:

Wizard of Oz is a slot game where regularly completing tiny quests leads you to win credits for the game today and tomorrow and so on as long as you are participating in the game, making you a bright player.

Facebook interaction:

Staying active on Facebook makes you work on a giant canvas as you approach a large casino community and interact with them. The game praises you for doing so and grants you bonuses in this regard.

Lights, Camera, Jackpots:

Lights, Camera, jackpot is an event in Wizard of Oz with a dramatic plot, characters and the setting. The event serves you with amusing rewards as you progress. You can earn up to 4 million coins and even more according to your performance.

Inviting friends:

Giving invitations to your friends to play the game basically creates a stable environment on the platform and ultimately promotes the game. That is why you are given special awards for doing so in the form of free spins and unlimited coins.

Virtual events:

You have a golden opportunity to get coins and slots by engrossing yourself in the virtual challenges conducted by the game. These challenges consist of mini-games within Wizard of Oz. There are special prizes for the winners of the game that make you currency-rich.

Mystic window machine:

Mystic window machine is a particular slot machine in Wizard of Oz. Payers spin the machine to get fantastic gifts. This feature is a time-restricted opportunity. You can collect gems to have a better future experience in the game.

Subscribing social media platforms of the game:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the quickest way to stay connected to the game is to follow the official media platforms of the game. These platforms include Facebook and Instagram. The developers regularly provide the subscribers with links of the freebies.

Festivals and holidays:

Wizard of Oz offers unique gifts for festivals and holidays. The gifts are presented by conducting events and tournaments. Such occasions are a gateway to meet estimated milestones as they increase your credits by giving you gifts such as free coins, slots, etc.


Scratchers are the special tickets which are presented to you by the game. You need to scratch the ticket to find the hidden number which gets you freebies. Isn’t it a great chance to treat yourself with free coins and spins through scratchers?

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How to get Wizard of Oz free coins and credits is not an issue after comprehending the points mentioned above. Wizard of Oz free coins collection is at arm’s length after following these tips.

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