Pet Master free spins

If you are looking for a game with a similar experience to coin master, then Pet Master is for you. Pet Master is a game developed by Moon Active, and fans across the globe love it. The players complain of running out of spins almost daily.

Spins can be bought with cash, but why pay cash? When we provide you Pet Master free spins? Yes, you can get free spins daily. We post free spins on this page daily for our visitors so they do not miss the fun. 

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What is Pet Master?

Pet Master is a fun game with slots and village-building action combined. A slot machine allows you to spin the wheel and earn coins, which are then utilized to build the village. There are rockets which are used to attack your opponents. You are eligible for attack when you get 3 rockets in a slot machine.

Shields are used for the protection of your village. Earn 3 shields and activate the shield to protect your village. If you get 3 pets on the slot machine in a row, you can raid your opponents and loot treasures.

How do you collect Pet Master free spins and coins?

This is a dedicated page for Pet Master free spins and coins. Visit this page daily and click on the links. This will open the game, and you will see a pop-up. Wait for a few seconds, and then you will receive the notification to claim the reward. Congratulations! You have redeemed Pet Master free spins. If You are looking for rewards for other such games you can check Match masters, Crazy Fox, and many others on our homepage.

How do you get more free spins for Pet Master?


Free links are the most convenient way of getting freebies. You do not have to open every social media account and website to get the gifts. Visit this page daily, click on the links and enjoy!

Hourly Spins

If you have consumed all of your spins, then after an hour, you will get 5 free spins to award you to play the game.

Village Completion Bonus

You get a free bonus when you complete your village. This bonus keeps increasing as your village level increases. When you start accomplishing village missions, you get 2 million free coins and 25 spins.

Roll the dice

There is a dice roll available in the slot machine. If you get 3 dice in a row on the slot machine, then you are moved to a new quest where you roll the dice, and your pet moves the numbers on the dice and collects rewards that are available on those numbers.

Event Participation Bonus

Several events are available throughout the year. Participating in these events gives you an XP boost and free spins and coins. 

Album Completion Bonus

This bonus unlocks at village level 3. When you complete an album, you get millions of free coins and a level boost.

Ads Bonus

Another option is available to get a free bonus if you run out of coins and spins. You can watch ads to get pet master free spins.

Buddy Invitation Bonus

If you invite your friends and they join the game using your referral link, you will get a free bonus. This will only happen if they join by clicking on your lin

Facebook Login Bonus

You can connect your Facebook account and get 1 million coins and 50 free pet master spins. Moreover, you can also share your game progress by clicking the share button.

Gift Sharing Bonus

If you send gifts to your friends, you get an XP boost, and your level is completed quickly, and you get rewarded. You also get gifts from your friends.

VIP Bonus

You can avail VIP benefits for free. A 30-day free trial is available. You can get a free trial and get the VIP benefits and cancel the membership before 30 days to avoid a deduction from your account.

Card Completion Bonus

Similarly, there is an album completion bonus. You can get a lot of free coins, spins, codes and gifts by collecting and completing the card sets.

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Pet Masters




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Moon Active



In this article, we have covered all the methods by which you can get Pet Master free spins, coins, codes, gifts and bonuses. Bookmark this page, and you will get all the free resources. All the freebies are tested before posting, and only working links are posted.

Pet Master is a great game. It offers a lot of quests and missions, and it never gets you bored. That’s why it is loved by players worldwide. You can play it on the go, in your bed, or wherever you are, and if you run out of freebies, visit this page and enjoy!