Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins

Playing a card game and farming at the same time. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, Solitaire Grand Harvest brings you both of these perks. Running out of coins in the game is an issue faced by almost every player.

Well, not a problem now. We have got you covered with all the latest solitaire grand harvest free coins links with no survey. Yes, click on the links below, and your free coins, credits, time boosters, and gems are ready. If you are looking for freebies for other games like Willy Wonka, and many other games we have got all of them for you on Giftslot homepage.

What is Solitaire Grand Harvest?

Solitaire Grand Harvest is a card game that is available on both Android and iOS. You play single and multi cards, and after playing the cards, you will be directed to a farm where you harvest different crops.

Credits are the currency of the game which is required to play the game. Harvesting crops also gets you coins which are then utilized to play the game.

Running out of coins is a common issue, which is why we provide our visitors with Solitaire grand harvest free coins, credits, gems, boosters, and promo codes from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email lists, and newsletters and post them on this page for you after testing each link.

How to get Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins?


This is the easiest method of collecting solitaire grand harvest free coins. Visit and click on the links, and that’s it. We collect these freebies and post them here on this page after testing. However, if you have already collected the rewards, then some of the links might not work for you because you have already redeemed them.

Daily Login Bonus

Consistency is the key. Be consistent and play Tripeaks Grand Harvest solitaire daily, and you will be rewarded with free credits, which is the game’s currency.

Tap the Dog

Sam is a small dog on the farm. You can tap on Sam to collect free coins. Coins will be collected instantly after tapping Sam.

Hourly Harvest

You can harvest crops each hour, and by harvesting crops, you get free credits. This feature is unlocked when you reach level 5 of the game.

Level Completion Bonus

When you complete different levels, you win free bonus coins. Play more and upgrade your levels quickly to get rewards.

Connect to Facebook

Connect your account to Facebook, and you will get 1000 credits. What are you waiting for? Connect to Facebook now and get 1000 free credits. You can also add your friends to the game from Facebook.

Inviting Friends on Social Media

Invite your friends on social media by sharing the game links with them via the share option. Once they join the game by using your link, you will get free coins.

Task completion Bonus

Some bonuses are linked to task completion; once you complete a specific task, then you are able to collect those bonuses.

Streak Bonus

When you play multiple cards simultaneously, your streak meter in the top right corner moves up, and after completing the streak, you get additional coins, bonuses, and wild cards.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is available when you reach level 19 of the game. Spin the wheel, and your luck will then help you win coins, credits, gems, or wild cards.

Farm Building

The farm-building feature is unlocked at level 32, and when you build your farm, you become eligible for a variety of free rewards. Build your farm today to unleash exciting rewards.

Trail Bonus

In order to get a trail bonus, you have to reach level 25. Once your “My Trail” is unlocked, you can redeem different promo codes and bonuses.

Event Participation Bonus

Participating in different events will help you get bigger bonuses. Participate in events frequently to win big.

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Grand Harvest Solitaire is a card game with over 10000 levels. This game is available to both iPhone and Android users. This is a dedicated page for collecting freebies with no survey and no human verification. Collect tripeaks solitaire grand harvest free coins today. Have fun.