Coin Master vs Pet Master

Coin Master Vs Pet Master is a popular comparison in the world of slot machines. Both games are products of the same company, ‘Moon Active’. Therefore, they share similar slot machine mechanics also with additional gameplay elements. But there are some noteable distinct features too. Gamers find it challenging to select one game over the other.

Therefore, our website chose Coin Master vs Pet Master for a clear distinction to make things easier for you. We aim to analyze them through their core gameplay mechanics and other essential features, which will be truly helpful in your game selection. Take time to study the article thoroughly to get vivid ideas about each game and find the one that suits you the best.

Introduction to Coin Master:

Coin Master is a game that captures the attention of millions of players worldwide. It is full of fun and adventures. Players have to spin, build, and upgrade villages, travel to attack other players, and interact with friends. The ultimate goal of every player is to progress through as many villages as they can to be the Coin Master, best Pirate, and many more.

Gameplay Features:

Spinning of Slot Machines:

Spinning of slot machines is fundamental in Coin Master. Each spin gives different rewards, which play a key role in future progress. Rewards can be in the form of coins, shields, raids, and much more.

Villages Development:

Players build new and update the various structures of villages. Players use in-game currency for these purposes. This step of upgrading structures enables the players to complete one and then move towards another village.

Attacks and Raids:

Using Hammer, you can attack other players’ villages. You can also get their coins by completely destroying their buildings. Pig Bandit lets you raid opponents’ villages. You can dig up to find the hidden treasure.

Rewards, Events and Socialization:

The game features card collections which bring rewards and bonuses. The game hosts different events encouraging social interactions. The game has friend systems through which players can invite friends, trade cards and exchange gifts. Players can get additional rewards after achieving specific tasks.

In-Game Currency and Monetization:

Coins and other items are primarily gained through spins. Players are provided with some limited numbers of free spins. These free spins are offered hourly. Coin Master offers in-app purchases thus, allowing players to buy coins, spins and other items to increase their gaming progress.

Introduction to Pet Master:

Pet Master is a game somewhat similar to Coin Master. It involves a unique blend of excitement of slot machines, village building, nurturing of pets and multiplayer interaction features. It mainly focuses on the collection and caring of pets. The goal of every player is to progress through various levels also with the taking care of pets.

Gameplay Features:

Spinning of Slot Machines:

The spinning of slot machines is Pet Master’s main activity. Players get coins, hammers, raids, pet foods, and many more pet items from reels spinning.

Villages Development:

Players have to build their villages by spending Pet Master’s coins. Upgrading villages is a necessary thing. After completing one update, they become capable of moving to the next.

Attacks and Raids:

Players use hammers to potentially destroy buildings and earn coins as a result of accomplishment. Raids can be used to find out the buried coins in the opponent’s clan.


Pets are a key feature of Pet Master. Pets need food to stay active and align during missions. Their food can be collected through free spins. They provide bonuses as an increase in rewards and better village protection.

Rewards, Events and Social Features:

Pet Master features a pets and cards collection, which in turn brings rewards in the form of free spins, pet boosts, and an increase in the number of coins. It hosts occasions and additional bounties are offered after completing tasks. The game promotes social interactions as players can connect with friends and other players.

In-Game Currency and Monetization:

The in-game currency is used to build and upgrade village structures. Coins and other resources are gained through free spins which are offered on a daily and hourly basis.

Pet Master provides monetization features, allowing in-app purchases for free spins, pet boosts, and other rewards. These help the players to move to the advanced levels.

Similarities of Coin Master vs Pet Master:

  • The main objective involves building and upgrading villages.
  • Core Mechanics is the spinning of slot machines.
  • Slot machine rewards include coins, shields, hammers, and raids.
  • Attacking other villages to steal coins.
  • The game offers card collections and daily rewards.
  • The game has features such as social interactions, monetization, and in-game currency.

Differences: Coin Master vs Pet Master:

Main Objective:

Coin Master’s main objective is building and upgrading villages. 

Pet Master has the same role in the collection and care of pets.


Pets are not present in Coin Master, while in Pet Master, they are present as a central feature. Pets provide bonuses.

Slot Machine Rewards:

The only difference in rewards of slot machines is energy capsules in Coin Master and pet food in Pet Master

Theme and Graphics:

Coin Master has a cartoonish, adventurous theme with warriors and historical elements.

Pet Master has a cartoonish animal theme with diverse animal elements.


Coin Master is preferably recommended for those who like simple village buildings. Pet Master is the better choice for those who enjoy taking care of pets and building villages. Both games allow you to connect with friends, join events, and trade cards.

Coin Master is preferably recommended for those who like simple village buildings. Pet Master is the better choice for those who enjoy taking care of pets and building villages. Both games allow you to connect with friends, join events, and trade cards. In this article we have covered in detail about Coin master vs Pet Master. Read our detailed review of both games and enjoy, Coin Master free spins, Pet Master free spins and many more game freebies on Giftslot homepage.

FAQS: Coin Master vs Pet Master:

Coin Master has a more straightforward village-building focus without the complexity of pest management.

Pet Master features a playful and diverse animal theme, while Coin Master has an adventurous theme with historical elements.